Govin-Ernault-Bernier - Jamboree Jazz

Ludovic Ernault alto sax, Joachim Govin double bass, Simon Bernier drums.

Born in 1984, the double bass player Joachim Govin is one of the big names on the French scene, which is among the best in Europe. In his busy career, Govin has been a follower of Ricardo del Fra and Ben Street, among others, and has played with musicians such as Didier Lookwood and Tony Tixier, as well as making a good number of recordings. In 2015 he made his solo debut with the Barcelona label Fresh Sound, with which he has released two more albums. The latest, ‘Tree’ (FSNT, 2022), praised by the prestigious Jazz Magazine, is a trio album without harmonic instrumentation, i.e. sax, double bass and drums. In the notes, Govin says he was inspired “by Coltrane’s solos with the magnificent Jimmy Garrison and Eilvin Jones”, which he considers “the holy trinity of everything that thrills me about jazz: the rhythm, the bass, the melody, the roots, the trunk, the branches and the leaves”. Govin also mentions the trios of Kenny Garrett, Myron Walden, Ben Van Gelder and Gaël Horellou as influences. For his part, producer Jordi Pujol (Fresh Sound) considers that “the most attractive virtue” of this trio is “the sincerity and emotional quality, which they show with warmth and without any kind of artifice”. What we have here, then, is an extraordinary group – a trio who will perform at the Jamboree just before recording a new album for Fresh Sound. A privilege!



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