Ainda presenta “TE QUIERO” - Jamboree Jazz

Esmeralda Escalante and Yago Escrivá.

Ainda presents his fifth solo work at Jamboree 3, ‘Te quiero’ (Yago Escrivá / Esmeralda Escalante, 2023), in which the collaborations made with musicians such as Bandalos Chinos, in ‘Kilometers’, Perotá Chingó, in ‘Infinito’ stand out. , and Knowing Russia, in ‘Goodbye’. Some songs from this work were released as singles before publishing the entire album. A good example is found in ‘No me dejes’, in collaboration with El Zar, accompanied by a video clip that perfectly portrays the friendship and camaraderie that is palpable throughout the album.


Instagram: @a.i.n.d.a

Ainda presenta “TE QUIERO”

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