Akua Naru - Jamboree Jazz

Akua Naru’s latest feat is an album entitled, “all about love: new visions”, inspired by an ode to black feminist icon Bell Hooks and her titanic classic text, in which Hooks examines society and its ideals of love. To honor and take up Hooks’ understanding of “love as a practice of freedom”, especially in these times, Naru’s offering a new vision for her love songs, recorded live by a large band ensemble supported by the highly decorated classical orchestra, Ensemble Resonanz.

An exploration of the various iterations of love, not only contained within the romantic, she also includes new tracks that, among other things, celebrate the enduring power of unconditional love through the tenderness of motherhood.

This album intends to provide a sonic balm to listeners. A necessary emotional-audio experience for those who understand the fortifying power of love and its urgency, especially during dark and perilous times.

Her artistry is a testament to the legacy of soul music and the powerful, trailblazing Black woman artist tradition.

Akua Naru

Monday 06, May 2024
Sessions 19:00
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