Alba Pujals feat. Rita Payés - Jamboree Jazz
Alba Pujals feat. Rita Payés
Alba Pujals feat. Rita Payés

Alba Pujals trombone, vocals · Rita Payés trombone, vocals · Jaume Llombart guitar · Horacio Fumero doublebass


Wednesday sessions are a sensory journey through the vibrations of jazz and the melodies of popular song. It’s the meeting point where the consecrated sounds of music merge with emerging new voices. Here, both national and international musicians come together to present their freshest and most innovative projects. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the sounds that bring life to our city. Come and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere that surrounds us.

Alba Pujals and Rita Payés, two celebrated trombonists in the nation’s jazz circuit, kick off the Wednesday concert series at Jamboree. Together, they present a one-of-a-kind performance where the trombone takes center stage as a solo instrument. Besides being composers and performers, they lead their own musical projects and have collaborated on the EP “Two Slides Vol. I”. In this recording, they not only showcase their own compositions and vocals but also shine the spotlight on the trombone. Accompanying them will be Jaume Llombart on guitar and Horacio Fumero on double bass.”