Albert Sanz & Javier Colina "SINHÁ" - Jamboree Jazz

Albert Sanz piano, Javier Colina double bass & accordion.

After savouring the success of their first album as a duo, ‘Sampa’ (Youkali, 2018), in 2021, Javier Colina and Albert Sanz presented ‘Shiná’ (Youkali), a work in which they also perform pieces from Brazilian composers with the love and special style so typical of them. Sanz and Colina are able to fill any stage with just two instruments. ‘Shiná’, a title that refers to a song by Joâo Bosco and Chico Buarque, featured star guest Jorge Drexler. Not surprisingly, with such a well-chosen and different repertoire, Albert Sanz and Javier Colina have toured half the world and have attracted a diverse audience – not just jazz fans. They have also played in quartets – in this case a group led by Colina – and worked with Sílvia Pérez Cruz. The origin of this successful encounter dates back to 2012, when Albert Sanz suggested and recorded the album ‘O que será’ (Contrabaix/Karonte) with Javier Colina and the legendary drummer Al Foster, a member of the Miles Davis band for some years. In that project, developments on Brazilian themes could already be made out, with more colourful results than in jazz.

Instagram: @sanzcolina_sinha

Facebook: @Albert Sanz

Albert Sanz & Javier Colina “SINHÁ”

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