Alejandro y Maria Laura - Jamboree Jazz
Alejandro i Maria Laura Jamboree
Alejandro y Maria Laura

Alejandro Rivas · Maria Laura Bustamante


Alejandro and Maria Laura present their new album!

Energetic, lively, dynamic. The songs of ALEJANDRO RIVAS and MARIA LAURA BUSTAMENTE, known as ALEJANDRO Y MARIA LAURA, are a balm amid the frenzy of life. They are small celebrations that express their nonconformity against the rigid structures of routine, seemingly simple themes that infuse the necessary spirit in the face of daily challenges. Restless explorers, nostalgic, their music is a blend of indie and pop rhythms with a subtle folk touch, creating a unique and genuine bucolic naturalism. Romantic yet reflective, the Peruvian duo offers music that revitalizes the mind with their candid voices, small breaths of a dreamlike reality that captivates.