Alex Zayas "Cien puertos de olvido" - Jamboree Jazz

Alex Zayas guitar and vocals, Albert Greenlight guitar, Alex Albalá keyboards, Jordi Cobre bass and vocals, Roberto Olori drums, Leila Montes vocals, Charlie Yañez vocals and, Gina Peñalver vocals.

Alex Zayas is one of the most international musicians in our country, for more than 15 years he has toured Canada/USA in the Afro-American music circuit. He was named an honorary citizen of Calgary, AB (Canada) for his career in the city. With 6 albums released singing in English, he presents his seventh album “Cien puertos de olvido”, first singing in Spanish, where his most Latin influences sound without losing his more Bluesy sound, a mix of Latin/Soul with a powerful live performance.


Instagram: @alexzayasoficial

Alex Zayas “Cien puertos de olvido”

Saturday 09, December 2023
Sessions 19:00 20:30
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