Alice & The Wonders - Jamboree Jazz
Alice & The Wonders Jamboree
Alice & The Wonders

Alejandra Rueda vocals, Alex Albalá keyboards, Marc Bernet guitar, Luis Martin bass and doublebass, Armand Albertí drums, Lluis Vallés baritone sax and Ignasi Poch tenor sax.

Singer Alejandra Rueda leads the group Alice & The Wonders, which at the Jamboree will perform songs from their latest album: ‘I Am’ (2013). Alice & The Wonders takes the essence of soul as its basis to go further, within the universe of African-American music. About ‘I Am’, Ruta 66 magazine has written the following: “We can talk about power in all its meanings because the Catalan singer has already shown that her voice is a divine gift, but power also appears in the way she exposes herself and the strength of the compositions that he interprets with a sensitivity as if his life depended on it.” ‘I Am’ reaffirms Alejandra Rueda and her band as a proposal with its own style, one of the best on the soul scene and related music in our country. Come and enjoy its unstoppable energy!


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