Anna Lauvergnac vocals, Claus Raible piano, Ignasi González double bass, Xaver Hellmeier drums

With the blessing of legends of the calibre of Sheila Jordan and Mark Murphy, Anna Lauvergnac is one of the most expressive singers on the current jazz scene. With a vocal register exuding elegance, she puts across plenty of emotion and shows a deep connection with her audience and her own group, particularly the extraordinary pianist Claus Raible. Lauvergnac is known for having been the singer in the Vienna Art Orchestra from 1999 to 2018. She has also worked with Pete Bernstein, Paolo Fresu, Bojan Z, Julien Lourau and Andy Bey, among others. Solo, she has recorded three CDs, one of which, Coming Back Home, received the prestigious German Critics’ Award. Here, then, we have one of the great voices of European jazz; “a legend”, according to the critic Claus Regnault (Suddeutsche Zeitung); an artist who “takes risks” (Don Hackman, Los Angeles Times); or, simply, someone who “sings from the heart” (Sheila Jordan).

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