Domenic Landolf tenor sax and bass clarinet, Michael Beck piano, Arne Huber double bass, Jorge Rossy vibraphone.

The Catalan musician Jorge Rossy has, for some years, been extremely active in Basel, a city where he gives classes and from where he participates in various Central European jazz projects. The scene there is among the best on the continent, but is unfortunately not very well known here.  A good example is the Aphorism Quartet, a group that began in Switzerland in 2013 when Domenic Landolf, Michael Beck and Jorge Rossy got together. Double bass player Arne Huber was subsequently added. The Aphorism Quartet’s repertoire includes compositions by each member of the group, with a contemporary style that includes open structures, ingenious harmonies, clever melodies and rhythms with cadence. The group’s name corresponds to its artistic intent, championing the aphorism: a concise, virtuous phrase allowing several interpretations.


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