Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra - Jamboree Jazz

Margherita Abita vocals · Xavi Pendón clarinet · Pere Nolasc Turu violin · Julien Chanal guitar · Ivan Kovačević double bass · Albert Enkaminanko percussion · Kaloyan Kumanov accordion.

After 11 years of experience, Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra has become a benchmark in the Balkan music scene around the world. Thanks to its peculiar adaptations and arrangements, traditional music has experienced a resurrection at all levels. They have brought the power of live music to more than 35 countries, without believing in borders. Neither artistic nor geopolitical.

The large concert halls throughout Europe have been able to enjoy the performances of this emblematic band, which now decides to gather its forces in the city that has given it so much in all these years. The Jamboree venue, as Barcelona’s representative of music in recent decades, offers that intimacy and proximity that the band craves so much at this time.



BGKO – Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra



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Concert for people over 18 years old.

Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra

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