JpBalcazar Quartet feat. Albert Bover - Jamboree Jazz

Miguel Villar “Pintxo” sax, Albert Bover piano, Juan Pablo Balcazar bass and, Jordi Pallares drums.

Juan Pablo Balcázar’s new quartet sails freely through the jazz of the last forty years. It highlights the wisdom and knowledge of master Albert Bover, on the piano, and the delight and spontaneity that a musician like Jordi Pallarés exudes on the drums. Balcázar also has the melodic magic and sublime sensitivity of saxophonist Miguel ‘Pintxo’ Villar. The repertoire of the session includes music by Juan Pablo Balcázar that is reminiscent, in a flash, of the quartet of Branford Marsalis, but which also incorporates nods to the aesthetics of the records of the Fresh Sound New Talent label in the 90s.


Instagram: @jpbalcazarjazz

JpBalcazar Quartet feat. Albert Bover

Tuesday 19, December 2023
Sessions 19:00 20:30
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11 Members
15 Not early
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