Lovesick (IT) - Jamboree Jazz
Love IT Jamboree
Rock and Roll Western Swing
Lovesick (IT)

Paolo Roberto Pianezza vocals/guitars/lapstee, Francesca Alinovi doublebass.
Featuring: Alessandro Cosentino violun/percussion.Lovesick is an Italian band, founded in Bologna by two multi-instrumentalists influenced by country, rock’n’roll and western-swing of the 40s and 50s: Paolo Roberto Pianezza, on electric and acoustic guitars, lap steel and electric dobro, and Francesca Alinovi, on double bass. Both also did vocal harmonies. With the addition of Alessandro Cosentino on violin and percussion, the band was renamed Lovesick. The musical concept, however, did not change: a total immersion in the American atmosphere of the middle of the last century, in terms of sound, image, instrumentation and typical themes of country and rock’n’roll. Since then, they’ve released their own material — ‘All Over Again’ (2021) — and a revision of the classic country songbook — ‘A Country Music Adventure’ (2022). His career has been rewarded with a nomination for the American Western Artists Awards and a performance at the Sanremo Festival in 2021. In addition, several of his songs are part of different soundtracks and, of course, they carry out an inexhaustible activity live, with around 120 performances a year.


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