Belén Natalí - Jamboree Jazz
Belén Natalí
+18 R&B Urbano
Belén Natalí

Belén Natalí vocals · Hoss Benitez drums · Enric Peinado guitar · Mario Coloma keys · Pol Magdaleno bass


Belén Natalí, an Argentine artist based in Barcelona and known for her long international career in the realm of reggae and sound system culture, is starting a new project. This proposal navigates organically through pop/lo-fi rhythms with reminiscences of R&B and jazz, while still making traditional nods to Jamaican music. The EP ‘Jacarandà’ (SIL & Costa Futuro, 2023), which she will present at Jamboree, is a true statement of intent and features collaborations from Ferran Palau and Santa Salut on two tracks. Belén Natalí opens a new chapter hand in hand with musicians and producers such as Genís Trani, Hoss Benítez, and Enric Peinado, known for being part of the groove combo Big Menú.





This concert is for individuals aged +18 years old.

Friday 5 July 2024
Jamboree Sala 1 Plaça Reial, 17, 08002 Barcelona
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