Bover / Zelnik / Soirat - Jamboree Jazz

Albert Bover piano, Yoni Zelnik double bass, Philippe Soriat drums.

The Bover-Zelnik-Soirat trio is a new project from Albert Bover, a pianist from Barcelona who has been living in Paris for two years. This year he will record a repertoire of his own themes and jazz standards there with this new trio. Trios are, in fact, a bit of a speciality for Albert Bover, an iconic pianist on our jazz scene ever since the early 1990s. He made his recording debut in 1998 with a trio on a record called ‘Live in Jamboree’ (Mas i Mas Records). Other titles he has recorded in the same format are: ‘Old Bottle, New Wine’ (Satchmo, 1999), ‘ESMUC Blues’ (FSNT, 2001) and ‘Live in Bilbao’ (Moskito, 2012). At the Plaça Reial basement club, where he has performed with piano, double bass and drums countless times, as well as with other line-ups, he will play this time with two well-known musicians from the French scene. Israeli double bassist Yoni Zelnik is noted for his records with artists such as Youn Sun Nah and Yonathan Avishai, and for working with figures of the calibre of Dave Douglas, Billy Hart, Anat Cohen and other jazz celebrities. Meanwhile, Provençal drummer Philippe Soirat also has an excellent CV. His service sheet includes records with Barry Harris, George Cables, the Belmondo brothers and Christophe Dal Sasso.

Instagram: @boveralbert Facebook: @albert.bover

Bover / Zelnik / Soirat

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