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Chabuco vocals · Cucurucho Valdés piano

José Darío Martínez, known musically as “Chabuco”, is a Colombian singer-songwriter born in Valledupar, recognized for his particular way of promoting and rescuing vallenato, reinventing it in different musical genres.

He visits Barcelona for the first time as part of his 2024 Spanish tour. He will do so accompanied on the piano by Roberto Carlos Rodríguez Valdés (Cucurucho Valdés), grandson of the legendary Bebo Valdés and nephew of the prestigious Chucho Valdés. This strong musical heritage has significantly influenced his career, infusing his art with a deep connection to piano tradition and a solid understanding of his family’s musical legacy, aspects that have left a marked imprint on his own creative style.
Starting in 2000, he served as pianist for the Juan Formell and Los Van Van orchestra, being nominated five times for the Latin Grammy. During his career, he has participated in national and international concerts and tours, sharing
stage with renowned artists and musical groups such as Bebo Valdés, Diego Cigala, Rúben Blades, Oscar de León, Juanes, José Luis Cortés, Alexander Abreu, Olga Tañón, Miguel Bosé, Rolling Stone, Madonna, among others..
A pianist with vast experience and recognition, contributing to the world of music his talent, creativity and passion for jazz and Cuban music.






Chabuco & Cucurucho Valdés

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