Clarence Bekker Band - Avismón Foundation solidarity concert - Jamboree Jazz

Clarence Bekker voice, Francisco Guisado “Rubio” guitar, Arecio Smith teclados, Charlie Cuevas bass, Carlos López drums.

Solidarity concert in support of the Avismón – Catalunya Private Foundation to accompany elderly who, due to a lack of social or family support, economic resources, and fragile health, experience the feeling of unwanted loneliness.

Clarence Bekker’s great gift is that he can reach the soul of anyone who hears him. With his deep, magnetic, vibrant voice he is a worthy heir to the repertoire of the great masters from the history of soul, funk and pop. In his long career, he has played with bands such as 08001 and has achieved such notable successes as recording a version of “Stand by Me” with millions of internet plays, or participating in the international project Playing for Change. He has also toured halfway around the world and recorded a famous album, “Changes” (Jazz Activist, 2020), which confirms him as one of the great soul, funk and r ‘n’ b artists of our time. At the Jamboree, his home, he triumphs week in, week out.

Join us for an evening of soul and solidarity!


Instagram: @clarencebekkerband / @avismoncat

Clarence Bekker Band – Avismón Foundation solidarity concert

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