STREAMING - Saphie Wells - Jamboree Jazz

STREAMING – Saphie Wells

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Tuesday 17, May 2022
5 Advance
5 Not early

LIVE STREAM CONCERT! The concert ticket in Streaming does not allow in any case the entrance to the room to enjoy a live show. Streaming tickets cannot be exchanged for face-to-face tickets.


Saphie Wells voice and ukulele, DarioBarroso guitar, Adri González piano and keyboards, Tito Bonacera bass, Didak Fernández drums.

Bittersweet is the title of Saphie Wells’ new album, with six compositions that speak of feelings such as sweetness and bitterness, presence and absence, longing and emptiness – a set of emotions often opposed, but also reconcilable. Wells has chosen to dress these songs in a mix of styles, such as folk, pop, r ‘n’ b and reggae. The melodious voice that she has brings these genres together with elegance and the close cooperation of Adri González in the production. Bittersweet offers material of great quality and sophistication, conceived naturally, without any kind of pretence. A great little treasure to be presented at the Jamboree.


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Instagram: @saphiewells

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