Cyrille Aimeé - Jamboree Jazz
Cyrille Aimeé
Cyrille Aimeé

Cyrille Aimée vocals · Carl Henri Morisset piano · Mateo Bortone doublebass · Pedro Segundo drums


Daughter of a French father and Dominican mother, singer Cyrille Aimée was born into a multicultural environment where Antillean sounds mixed naturally with jazz. She grew up in Samois-sur-Seine, the city where the prestigious Django Reinhardt Festival takes place and where she shaped her talent as an artist. Upon arriving in New York, she captivated figures as renowned as Roy Hargrove and Steve Sondheim, who invited her to perform at the New York City Center with Wynton Marsalis. With the album ‘Move On’ (2019), a tribute to Sondheim, she was nominated for a Grammy. Among her extensive discography, titles like ‘Petite fleur’ (2021), recorded with the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, stand out, another city that has captivated her. ‘À Fleur de Peau’ (2024) is her latest work, where she showcases the wide diversity of genres and styles she interprets; an album where she combines the depth and sophistication of jazz with the immediacy of pop and Caribbean rhythms.





Cyrille Aimée


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Sunday 28 July 2024
Jamboree Sala 3 Plaça Reial, 18, 08002 Barcelona
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