Don Ross & Pipo Romero - Jamboree Jazz
Don Ross & Pipo Romero
Don Ross & Pipo Romero

Don Ross acoustic guitar · Pipo Romero acoustic guitar

The acoustic fingerstyle of the present, past, and future arrives at Jamboree with Don Ross and Pipo Romero, two musicians who have just completed a successful tour in Canada. In the cellar of Plaza Reial, they will alternate songs from two divergent repertoires, connected through the acoustic guitar and a long-lasting friendship. Don Ross (Montreal, 1960) is the first guitarist to win the national fingerstyle championship in the U.S. twice. A master among masters, he has an extensive discography with over 20 titles. Over his extensive 35-year career, he has forged a solid style, taking the audience on a powerful journey through folk, blues, jazz, and funk. As for Pipo Romero (Cádiz, 1983), he is one of the most groundbreaking and contemporary steel-string guitarists. Among other merits, he has achieved a fusion between flamenco and Latin American folklore never before executed with his instrument, leading him to perform in venues like the Lincoln Center in New York. Two guitarists, hand in hand, two different eras intertwined, reflecting the present, the past, and the future of steel strings. A delight, a wonderful concert in Jamboree’s room 3.



Don Ross · Pipo Romero


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