Eddie Mejía Quartet - ft Bill McHenry - Jamboree Jazz
Eddie Mejía Quartet Jamboree
Eddie Mejía Quartet – ft Bill McHenry

Eddie Mejía guitar, Bill McHenry tenor saxophone, Masa Kamaguchi double bass, Ramon Prats drums.

Mexican guitarist Eddie Mejía returns to the Jamboree to present, on this occasion, his own music that he has recorded on his long-awaited—and acclaimed—debut album: ‘A Moment in Transition’, published by the legendary Fresh Sound New Talent label. Mejía will play with his quartet, completed by three relevant names from the jazz scene: Bill McHenry, Ramon Prats and Masa Kamaguchi. As a guitarist, Mejía has his own style, rooted in the jazz tradition. Currently, he is one of the most brilliant voices among the new generations of our jazz; more fluid, according to producer Jordi Pujol Baulenas (Fresh Sound), and with an extensive list of praise from specialized critics. Intense, deep and powerful music. A concert that you cannot miss.


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