El Cerrito Jazz Concert - Jamboree Jazz
El Cerrito Jazz Concert
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El Cerrito Jazz Concert

From the California coast, specifically the San Francisco Bay Area, comes this initiative associated with El Cerrito High School, a public secondary school that has maintained a music education program through its band for over 50 years. For the world of music pedagogy, El Cerrito’s initiative is dynamic and yields excellent results. A good example of this is the El Cerrito Jazz Ensemble, the group that will be performing at the Jamboree, considered one of the best school jazz ensembles in California, with a long history of performances in Europe and the United States. Among other events, the El Cerrito Jazz Ensemble has performed at the Monterey, North Sea, Montreux, Vienne, and Umbria jazz festivals, and was a featured group at the 2014 California Music Education Conference. Their repertoire, extensive and diverse, includes classics by composers such as Benny Carter, David Berger, Kenny Barron, John Klenner, and others.




Monday 22, July 2024
Jamboree Sala 3 Plaça Reial, 18, 08002 Barcelona
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