El Momo presents "ARTESANÍA" with DJ Fleki Flex & El Doblezero - Jamboree Jazz

Showcase EL DOBLEZERO + Complete show of EL MOMO

The Zaragoza-based MC’s show El Momo has always been characterized by its acidic lyrics, fast rhythms and a very well-crafted sound. It couldn’t be less for the live presentation of his latest album “Artesanía”, an album full of rap with funk, soul and many collaborations.

During the concert he reviews the best songs of his career and his previous works such as Sueños Reales, Tetsuo or El Don de Escuchar. Accompanied by his squires Dj Fleki Flex on the turntables and El Doblezero on the backing vocals, the El Momo show guarantees an event of fun and quality.



El Momo aka Mario Maher




Concert for people over +18 years old.

El Momo presents “ARTESANÍA” with DJ Fleki Flex & El Doblezero

Saturday 18, May 2024
Sessions 22:30
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12 Members
15 Not early
Time & hall
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