EMEKA FAMILY . AR feat. Komorebi beats - Jamboree Jazz

Marc Larregula Vera · Sergio Martinez Chacón · Diego Fernando Quispe Galarza · Pablo Ernesto Sepúlveda · Jose Antonio Medina Sanchez · Alex Arias Sanchez · Ruben Gil Llaras


From the Pyrenees, we arrive to embody the essence of urban music. Our group, comprised of talented emerging international artists, is wholeheartedly devoted to the hip-hop genre. On the stage of Sala Jamboree, we will unfold an eclectic array of styles, spanning from trap and reggae to boom bap and techno. Join us to partake in an unforgettable musical experience!





Aquest concert és per a majors de 18 anys.

EMEKA FAMILY . AR feat. Komorebi beats

Saturday 20, April 2024
Sessions 22:30
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15 Members
15 Not early
Time & hall
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