Escarteen Sisters "Caure Sostingut" - Jamboree Jazz

Laia Escarteen vocals, mandolin and viola · Flavia Escarteen vocals, cello.

Escarteen Sisters present second Album “Caure Sostingut”.
They are a string quartet within a duet: two voices, a viola and a cello. Without too many elements, the two sisters create a world of their own, where everyone can become an accomplice. It could be called Folk, Pop and jazz fusion, but neither genre fits them completely. The mother is Belgian, the father, Catalan. One sister is born in Mexico and the other in Belgium. They speak and dream in five languages, and from there their songs arise.After traveling a lot, in Europe, presenting their first album, “Escarteen Sisters”, and going to live in Holland during the pandemic, after many months of being estranged from each other, the Escartin sisters reunite and create a second album, sounding a bit different, refreshed with new influences and new ways of doing. “Caure Sostingut” translated as ‘A Sustained Fall’, comes out from a re-encounter after having felt many times and the Catalan term sostingut (semitone Sharp). But this fall can be looked at in many ways: upside down, inside out, this is why it is a ‘Sustained Fall’, or a “Caure Sostingut” .



The Escarteen Sisters




Escarteen Sisters “Caure Sostingut”

Saturday 24, February 2024
Sessions 19:00 20:30
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