Final Jam Liceu: Peanut Butter - Jamboree Jazz

Anna Manzano vocals, Mariona Galimany trumpet, Marisol Sosa tenor sax, Marina Planella trombone, Kei Traïd keyboard, Andrea Puig guitar, Ana Cruz bass, Albert Camacho drums.

The end of the school year is here and, to celebrate, what better than a jam session at the Jamboree with one of the most powerful groups at the Liceu Conservatory? This group of students combines genres like funk, r ‘n’ b, soul and hip-hop with a fresh, genuine flavour and admirable energy. As for their repertoire, it includes gems from current artists like Moonchild, Thundercat, Jill Scott and Allen Stone.

Final Jam Liceu: Peanut Butter

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