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Gabriel Ríos lead vocals, guitar · Rubén Samama piano, doublebass, guitar, backup vocals


When he was 17 years old Gabriel Ríos moved to Belgium and since then (they have already a couple of decades later) he has been exploring that clash between two universes, the tradition of Latin American song that runs through his veins and the new European sound trends that he hears around him every day.
Jumping from English to Spanish and exploring the connections between jazz, alternative rock and intimate author songs, he has been building a work with his own voice.
Gabriel Ríos may be a new name for the Spanish public but the truth is that since 2003 he has been revealing irresistible songs when he debuted with the successful album “Ghostboy” that took him to the top of the Anglo market.
Collaborating with artists such as Jo Bogaert (Technotronic), jazz pianist Jef Neve, Kobe Proesmans (The Colorist Orchestra) and multi-instrumentalist and producer Rubén Samama, Ríos has a number of eclectic albums to his credit. From the Latin-pop crooner of Ghostboy to the intimate author’s song The Marauder’s Midnight and Flore, a surprising album recorded during the pandemic where he revisited classics from the Caribbean and Latin America along with original songs of his authorship such as La Torre with Devendra Banhart, one of the songs that excited the Spanish public and with which he has toured a good part of the peninsula in the last two years with presentations at Noches del Botánico, Centro Botín, Concerts de Vivers, Sound Isidro, among others.
Playa Negra is his new album that will be released in the fall and will be premiered at his November concerts in Barcelona.






Friday 15 November 2024
Jamboree Sala 1 Plaça Reial, 17, 08002 Barcelona
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