Gattaca Nou Tango - Jamboree Jazz
Gattaca Nou Tango

Alvar LLusá Damiani violin, Andrea Lopez Conde cello, Fede Salgado double bass, Ezequiel Acosta bandoneón, Josefina Rozenwasser Marín voice and sound design, Elbi Olalla piano and direction.

Gatacca Nou Tango is a group made up of musicians with long experience of the tango. Residents of Barcelona, they want to publicise, perform and create 21st-century tangos: a powerful movement begun by young people in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the millennium. The Gattaca Nou Tango repertoire includes rock pieces arranged for tango, their own instrumental and sung works, and compositions by Julio Coviello, Alejandro Guyot, Pablo Gignoli, Elbi Olalla, Josefina Rozenwasser Marín, Julián Peralta, Fito Páez, Hernán Cabrera, Nico di Lorenzo and others.