Gili-Romani Hot Jazz Cats - Jamboree Jazz
Gili-Romani Hot Jazz Cats Jamboree
New Orleans
Gili-Romani Hot Jazz Cats

Ricard Gili trumpet and vocals, Oriol Romaní clarinet, Xavier Hinojosa drums, Queralt Camps doublebass and, Federico Mazzanti keyboards.


Ricard Gili, director and tireless leader of La Locomotora Negra for fifty years, co-directs this quintet with clarinetist Oriol Romaní, renowned for his work in groups such as Barcelona Swing Serenaders and Hot Jazz Cats, and for his duets with Ignasi Terraza, August Tharrats, and Elena Lasco, among others. Gili and Romaní are undoubtedly two of the most recognized musicians on the classic jazz scene in our country. In this magnificent group, they perform music full of swing and feeling, and recreate, in their own way, a series of traditional jazz tunes from the 1920s, 30s, and 40s in New Orleans, Chicago, and New York. Ricard Gili’s magnificent interpretations of the great Louis Armstrong stand out and leave no one indifferent.


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