Gregori Hollis 4et - Jamboree Jazz
Gregori Hollis 4et
Gregori Hollis 4et

Gregori Hollis trumpet, vocals, conga · ⁠⁠Kevin Díaz keyboards · Ferran Rico electric bass · Arnau Alonso drums


Gregori Hollis, the Catalan trumpeter and composer, is a prominent figure in the Afro-Cuban and flamenco jazz music scene. With a quartet of talented musicians, Hollis offers an enriching musical experience that fuses vibrant rhythms with passionate melodies. His new album promises to be a masterpiece of creativity and innovation, featuring unreleased tracks that will capture the essence of his artistic vision. Fans can expect a unique blend of sonic textures that reflect his skill as a trumpeter and his depth as a composer. With performances that have already captivated audiences, Gregori Hollis continues to cement his presence in the music world with every note he plays.



Wednesday 7, August 2024
Jamboree Sala 1 Plaça Reial, 17, 08002 Barcelona
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