Grises - Mar Loi amb Vic Moliner - Jamboree Jazz
Grises - Mar Loi amb Vic Moliner
Grises – Mar Loi amb Vic Moliner

Mar Loi handpans, soundscapes, sound experimentation with residual handpans · Vic Moliner bass, synths, leguero drum


Mar Loi presents his third album Grises with a very particular, experimental and close instrumental style. The repertoire is made up of Mar Loi’s own compositions on Handpans (melodic percussion instrument), soundscapes and sound experimentation, accompanied by Vic Moliner on bass, synths and percussions.

Grises is an invitation to allow ourselves to fall and to take better care of ourselves in these vital processes.

Mar Loi: Handpan player, composer and trainer.
“Mar Loi’s music is a dance between sensitivity and the power of groove. She has been playing the Handpan since 2017 and in 2019 she decided to dedicate herself professionally and exclusively to music, giving a turn to her work and personal life (”.




Vic Moliner: restless creator, bassist, composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist.
“Music and words are a path inward and outward, towards self-knowledge and also towards social transformation. Always in search of authentic expression through music and poetry, and new sounds through instruments and production.”