HAMMOND NIGHT feat. The Shu Shu’s 'Tribute to Etta James' - Jamboree Jazz

HAMMOND NIGHT feat. The Shu Shu’s ‘Tribute to Etta James’

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Saturday 21, December 2019
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Sinead Savage vocals, Dave Wilkinson guitar, Abel Boquera Hammond, Caspar St. Charles drums

Tribute to Etta James.

Under the title “Hammond Nights”, the Jamboree is running a cycle coordinated by one of the biggest groups in the country when it comes to Afro-American music. Formed by three great instrumentalists – Abel Boquera (organ), Dave Wilkinson (guitar) and Caspar St. Charles (drums) – the Shu Shus will offer a series of monographic concerts with very special guests, intending to make every night a tribute session to one of the genres associated with the instrument invented by the American Laurens Hammond in the thirties – soul, funk, jazz and groove. This time, the Shu Shus’ guest is the British singer Sinead Savage, a well-known singer on the Barcelona soul scene.


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