ILT Concerts & Jam - Radiohead - Jamboree Jazz

Fran Guillén drums · Francisco García bass guitar · Pablo Costas keyboards · Jonás Oliver saxophone · Luis Ducharne trumpet · Julio Hermida vocals


Every Tuesday, the ILT Band pays tribute to a prominent R&B, Soul, Funk, or Jazz artist. After the concert, the band invites different musicians to participate in the event where improvisation and live musical compositions are at the heart of the show – Jam Session.

The ILT Band began its journey at the end of 2020 in a small bar at the Poble Nou neighborhood where city musicians gathered to improvise and develop new ideas. Over time, the ILT Band has grown and developed its own style that sets it apart from the rest, as it puts on a different tribute every week. Making every Tuesday at Jamboree 3 a unique experience.




ILT Concerts & Jam – Radiohead

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