Inhumankind II - Pablo Selnik - Jamboree Jazz

Concert of the Festival Grec Ciutat program.

With some of the most active, original and daring musicians of the Barcelona scene, leaders of the free improvisation scene in our city, we are premiering this second edition of what they call ‘impossible music’.

A surprising project for its radicality and at the same time accessibility to the public not so used to modern jazz. With amorphous phrasing, wild riffs, polyrhythms that defy human logic, all this crowned by melodies of dark and fiery beauty.


Celeste Alías voice, Marta Valero voice, Pablo Selnik flute, Àlex Reviriego double bass.

Four big names from the scene of free musical improvisation propose an evening of music as radical as it is accessible. Date with the most modern forms of jazz.

In this concert you will hear some of the most active, original and daring musicians in the city, referents of Barcelona’s rich free improvisation scene. They make what they call “impossible music”, a surprising and radical project, but easy to listen to the public, even if they are not used to the most modern forms of jazz. Expect amorphous phrasing, wild riffs and polyrhythms that defy human logic, all crowned by melodies of dark, fiery beauty.

The jazz cave in Plaça Reial is added to the Grec Festival in Barcelona one more year with a selection of great artists who, like Pablo Selnik and his musicians, offer us a series of high-quality artistic projects, projects of contemporary creations that share a certain prominence of the voice and are accessible to all audiences. Some of the performances are held in the Jamboree’s new Room 3, which joins the other two that the venue has and which is intended to present live music, dance, small-format theater, cabaret, exhibitions, conferences and events of all kinds.


Inhumankind II – Pablo Selnik

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