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Jamboree Jam is the oldest jam session in Barcelona and where you can meet the best musicians in the world.

The session begins with a concert by a Latin-jazz group at 7 pm. From 8.30 in the afternoon, the Jamboree Jam is open to any musician who wants to come up and play. Although the Jams are Latin jazz, there is no problem playing other music such as jazz, blues, funk, soul, hip hop, etc.

To participate in the Jam Session, just come to the room with your instrument (except if you play drums, piano or double bass) and ask to be put on the list. If it’s your first time coming, we also suggest that you look for the coordinator of the Jam (@el___alejandro) so he can give you a hand and resolve any doubts you may have.


German Barrera Quintet

Guillermo Calliero trumpet, Rafa Madagascar piano, Oriol Martínez congas, Ramon Olivares cajon and, German Barrera double and electric bass.

Afro Latin America at the Jamboree Jam by German Barrera Quinteto, a group also formed by the pianist Rafa Madagascar, the trumpeter Guillermo Caliero and the percussionists Ramón Olivares and Jonathan Mina. A group of musicians very present and active in the national and international jazz and Latin-jazz scene.

This quintet presents us with a repertoire of original songs from the album “German Barrera – Afro Latinoamérica Quintet” recorded live at the Jazz Festival – Ajazzgo at the Jorge Isaacs theater in Cali (Colombia) and can be heard on all digital platforms.

A concert with deep Latin American roots, great musicians and brilliant music.


Instagram: @germanbarreramusic

Jamboree Jam: German Barrera Quintet

Monday 29, January 2024
Sessions 19:00
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