Jamboree Jam with GURUMANCHÉ  - Jamboree Jazz

Jamboree Jam with GURUMANCHÉ 

Monday 21, Octubre | 20:00
Show without seats
5 Advance

Imad Amrah vocals, Mario Cubillas cowbell, bongo and vocals, Erkki Nylund bass and backing vocals, Rodrigo Garcia piano, keyboards and backing vocals, Jonás Saxo backing vocals, Jhanmarco Alegria congas, Lucas Balbo cajón and set

Seven musicians from different latitudes blend sounds from traditions that appear as distant as Afro-Peruvian music and Gnawa chanting from North Africa. They are called Gurumanché, a name taken from a tribe in Burkina Faso, and they offer an original creative formula consisting of blending the African roots of creole music in Peru with other, similar, traditions. Gurumanchés’ volcanic repertoire invites the respectable to dance as they allow themselves to be captivated by a musical tradition which is unfortunately not very well known here, but is deeply rooted in a significant part of the Afro-American diaspora. 


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