Jamboree Jam amb CRISBRU - Jamboree Jazz

Jamboree Jam amb CRISBRU

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Monday 31, January 2022
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Cristina Brugada vocals, Marc Casanovas guitar, Pau Rosés bass, Joan Vilaltab drums, Albert Martínez keyboardist.

Crisbru is a pop and r ‘n’ b project led by Cristina Brugada. Brugada, a singer-songwriter and composer, is inspired by artists like Sílvia Pérez Cruz and Jorge Drexler, whom she admires for their commitment and the messages in their lyrics, and Erykah Badu and D’Angelo, whose musical style is more her own. Within this approach, she sometimes appears as a solo artist and other times, as on this occasion, with a band. Crisbru’s lyrics are in Catalan and she sings of her weaknesses and of taboo subjects in our society. She does it all without inhibitions, just as she sees it, with a clear, hard-hitting message. In 2021, Crisbru was a finalist in the prestigious Sona 9 competition.


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