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Jamboree Jam
Jamboree Jam: Roger Herrero Sextet


The Jamboree Jam is the oldest jam session in Barcelona and where you can meet the best musicians in the world.

The session begins with a concert by a Latin-jazz group at 7 pm. From 8.30 in the afternoon, the Jamboree Jam is open to any musician who wants to come up and play. Although the Jams are Latin jazz, there is no problem playing other music such as jazz, blues, funk, soul, hip hop, etc.

To participate in the Jam Session, just come to the room with your instrument (except if you play drums, piano or double bass) and ask to be put on the list. If it’s your first time coming, we also suggest that you look for the coordinator of the Jam (@el___alejandro) so he can give you a hand and resolve any doubts you may have.


Roger Herrero Sextet

Pau Albir Casares alto sax, tenor sax, Pau Vidal tenor sax, flute, Roger Herrero piano, compositions, leader, Diego Coppinger bass, Tramel Levalle congas, percusion and, Jose Carlos Sánchez drums.

Roger Herrero leads this sextet with his own repertoire, where different origins and musical backgrounds come together. The group proposes a journey that goes from jazz to Cuban music, and that also has flamenco aromas.

Instagram: @rogerherrero14, @paualbircasares, @jay_kalo_, @d.coppinger, @tramel.tramiel, @tarquim.music