Jamboree Jam: The Captain's Brotherhood ft. Bex Houlihan - Jamboree Jazz

Rebecca Houlihan vocals, Hernan Fridman bass, Lorenzo Spinozzi guitaa, Bryan Curtis drums. 

The Captain’s Brotherhood is a band from Barcelona that emerged as part of the Jamboree jam sessions, on the initiative of Hernán Fridman, Lorenzo Spinozzi and Pau Gurpegui. After a period on the Afro-American music circuit in Barcelona, and having triumphed in the Jamboree’s BCN People cycle of the Jamboree, from now on we will be able to hear them on the second Monday of each month opening the Jamboree Jam. At each performance they will play with a guest star. They include Peter, a singer and dancer who is a hit on every dancefloor in Barcelona, and Alejandro, the house sax player. Together, they will offer a show including cover versions and their own songs to the rhythm of funk, soul and r ‘n’ b, spiced with the jazz improvisations they all love.

Jamboree Jam: The Captain’s Brotherhood ft. Bex Houlihan

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