Jaume Vilaseca - The Yes Octet - Jamboree Jazz

Sergio del Boccio vocals, Jaume Vilaseca piano, Adrià Pinto doublebass, Andrea González drums, Roger Mir alto sax, Franky Ramos tenor sax, Joan Mar Sauqué trumpet, Pablo Martín trombone.

Pianist Jaume Vilaseca continues to revise in a jazz style, and with a more than original formula, the work of great bands of the progressive rock era. This time, he focuses on the British formation Yes, and more specifically on their first repertoire, that is to say, from the album ‘Fragile’ (1971) to ‘Going for the One’ (1977). Vilaseca fills with completely jazzy sounds, dialogues and improvisations, some of the most emblematic pieces of this era. He does it in the company of the most creative and risky musicians of the Barcelona scene, one hundred percent ‘new generation’, who bring spontaneity and a new breath to this classic and grandiose ‘set list’ of the early seventies. Instead of guitars and effects, saxophones, trumpet and trombone sound, and the register of piano, organ and mini-moog colors melodies and solos. Vilaseca has recorded an album, ‘Four Suites (The Music of Yes 1971-1977)’ (Discmedi, 2023), which he will perform at the Jamboree with a solid and surprising live performance; a unique experience, which leaves no one indifferent, and recovers the past to enjoy the present, and the future.


Instagram: @jaume_vilaseca

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Jaume Vilaseca – The Yes Octet

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