Jazz I am - Jamboree Jazz

JAZZ I AM started in 2019 in Barcelona and continues as an annual international meeting focused on boosting partnerships among music professionals by hosting conferences, workshops and the finest national jazz shows. 

The JAZZ I AM 2024 showcases are an ideal platform for discovering the quality and diversity of styles of the artists on the Spanish jazz scene. A small sample of a universe where jazz coexists and fuses with other genres, such as flamenco, hip hop, electronica, urban music, folk and Latin music. 


Alto for two 15:30h 

Moisés P. Sánchez 17:00h

Edu Cabello Quartet 19:45h

Osam 21:15h



Jazz I am BCN



Jazz I am

Thursday 07, March 2024
Sessions 15:30
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30 Members
30 Not early
Time & hall
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