Joel Moreno Codinachs Quintet - Jamboree Jazz

Joel Moreno Codinachs Quintet

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Wednesday 15, January 2020
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Presents ‘Songs For Midnight Dancers’

Joel Moreno Codinachs guitar and compositions, Jordi Santanach sax, Alejandro Di Costanzo piano, Oriol Roca double bass, Santi Colomer drums

Joel Moreno Codinachs boasts a prolific career as a performer and composer since he founded his own group in 2006 and released his solo debut album recorded in the USA with American musicians: Emergexit (Errabal, 2010). Trained in Amsterdam and New York, where he was a follower of Peter Bernstein and John Scofield, among others, Moreno has worked with artists like Luna Cohen, Diana Palau, Laia Cagigal and Sabina Witt, and he once again became leader of his own band in 2017 with the CD Songs for Midnight Dancers (Undepool). In the sleeve notes, the critic Martí Farré classifies the album as “extraordinarily fresh from the world of the night (…) based on elegance, mixture and good taste as a composer”. It also allegorically invites a respectable audience to dance. We are convinced, though, that the critic Farré really meant you should sit down and enjoy the extraordinary skill of Moreno Codinachs and his cohorts.

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