Johnny Voltik of JV/Zuu Live - Jamboree Jazz

Johnny Voltik vocals · Rey Ponce drums · Sean Lewis bass · Diego Cebollero guitar.

JOHNNY VOLTIK (aka JV of the group JV/ZUU) is a songwriter, producer and DJ who pushes the boundaries beyond his hip-hop roots. Originally from the east coast USA, the Europe based artist rhymes thought provoking lyrics in an often melodic fashion while using sometimes obscure metaphoric references. His production style has zero boundaries. Lo-fi, psychedelic, polyrhythmic (as he favors drums), catchy hooks and heavy synths. With a style all his own, JV earns a standout position amongst contemporaries like Flying Lotus, Andre 3000, Machinedrum and Madlib.



@voltikgram · @diegocebollero · @bonaceratito · @rey_ponce_drums


Concert for people over 18 years old.

Johnny Voltik of JV/Zuu Live

Saturday 24, February 2024
Sessions 22:30
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11 Members
15 Not early
Time & hall
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