JORGE DA ROCHA "BLAU" - Jamboree Jazz


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Friday 08, October 2021
10 Advance
10 Door

presentation of BLAU (Being Lost As Usual) 

Jorge da Rocha vocals, double bass, loopstation, electric guitar. 

Jorge da Rocha, a Portuguese musician settled in Catalonia, presents his new solo album, “BLAU – Being Lost As Usual”. After releasing two stripped down albums – vocals, double bass and nothing else – Da Rocha incorporates other instruments and influences, opening the way to new sound textures and landscapes. The Portuguese musician expands his original turbulent and emotional expressive world marked by his jazz career, his Portuguese roots and a strong passion for modern, electronic and singer-songwriter music. Jorge da Rocha invites us to take part in a journey of initiation and reflection on the modern world – a personal artistic quest. Live, he offers a seductive, unusual show featuring his exciting expressive voice and double bass, his elegant presentation and his bewitching songs. 

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