José James presents 1978 - Jamboree Jazz
José James presents 1978
José James presents 1978

Jose James vocals, guitars · Jharis Yokley drums · Daniel Winshall bass · Chad Selph keys


José James, a prominent member of the so-called “hip hop generation,” continues to captivate audiences with his innovative style. His album ‘1978’ is a vibrant tribute to Latin roots and the music of the 70s, blending genres such as jazz, funk, soul, Latin, and R&B. The inclusion of important social themes, such as the fight against racism in his song ’38th & Chicago,’ inspired by the figure of George Floyd, demonstrates his commitment not only to music but also to social change. The collaboration with prominent musicians like Pedrito Martínez and Marcus Machado adds unique authenticity and depth to his work, marking ‘1978’ as a milestone in his career and contemporary music.



José James




Concert with unnumbered seats.


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