Killing Pizarro - Jamboree Jazz
Killing Pizarro
Killing Pizarro

Sebastián Pollo Guzman drums · Joaquín Violante bass· Nuria Gilali bongos and percussion  · Gabriel Silveira electric guitar · Martin Lechuga Maltez keyboard and synths


Killing Pizarro is the result of an anticolonial aesthetic exercise. A group founded by Latin Americans in Barcelona, ​​which claims its own roots in connection with other cultures for the construction of an identity in a walking world.

A music that, like every migrant, wanders: from Andean cumbia it drew folkloric influences from all over the global south, from Buenos Aires to Marrakesh, from São Paulo to Addis Ababa, from Montevideo to Hanoi.

A music that marches with open arms towards the one it embraces, with its head held high against the one it hits.





This concert is for individuals aged +18 years old.

Saturday 21 September 2024
Jamboree Sala 1 Plaça Reial, 17, 08002 Barcelona
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