La Pau - Album presentation - Jamboree Jazz
La Pau - Presentación de disco
La Pau – Album presentation

La Pau vocals · Vicenç Solsona guitar · Matías Míguez bass · Sergi Torrents drums  · Alex Badía keyboards


La Pau presents her first solo album, “20mm”.

Near. Of life, of the present, of herself. At 20mm.

It is the result of a time of reflection and introspection, in the shadow of the scenes, in which La Pau has dedicated itself to looking inward, with a compassionate and careful gaze. Searching through the darkness of the bowels, predisposed to pour into the abyss to emerge renewed.

In it, La Pau explores relationships: with men, with herself, with the society, with work, with family.

With a fresh and carefree sound, “20mm” is the solo presentation of the Catalan artist, which returns with the desire to step on hard.