Lluc Casares Quintet feat. Jesse Van Ruller - Jamboree Jazz

Lluc Casares tenor sax, Jesse Van Ruller guitar, Xavi Torres piano, Kaisa Mäensivu double bass, Andreu Pitarch drums.

The saxophonist Lluc Casares, one of the great names from the Barcelona jazz scene, lived, studied and worked in Amsterdam until ten years ago, when he left for the USA. Last September he returned to the city of canals to record what will be his fourth album as a group leader: ‘Laugh’ The recording featured one of the world’s most respected guitarists, Dutchman Jesse Van Ruller, and a top-notch rhythm section: Xavi Torres, Kaisa Mäensivu and Andreu Pitarch. At the Jamboree, Casares will premiere the music of this quintet, with the presence of all its members, including Jesse Van Ruller himself.

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Lluc Casares Quintet feat. Jesse Van Ruller

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