Lucas Martínez Project Presenta "Traces of Memory" - Jamboree Jazz

Lucas Martínez saxo tenor, Roger Santacana piano, Giuseppe Campisi contrabaix, Lluís Naval bateria.

The Lucas Martínez Project presents ‘Traces of Memory’ (Seed Music, 2022), his most recent album. As he puts it, “’Traces of Memory’ represents the way I protect my most precious emotions from the amnesia created by the passage of time” in a “catalogue of melodies”. “When I hear them and when I play them, I am transported to the moments when I composed them; to what I have experienced and what I have felt,” he adds. “In the same way that revisiting a photo album promotes memory, ‘Traces of Memory’ is my own sound album of experiences and experiences.” Born in Blanes, into a family of musicians, Lucas Martínez has devoted a large part of his life to jazz and improvised music. As a solo artist, he has led several projects with which he has performed throughout Europe and at festivals in China, Mexico and the United States. His discography also highlights titles such as ‘Lights and Shadows’ (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2018) and ‘End of a Cycle’ (FSNT, 2020). His music is based on his own free compositions with touches of lyricism.


Lucas Martínez Project Presenta “Traces of Memory”

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