LUIZ MURÁ - Jamboree Jazz


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Wednesday 04, December 2019
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Luiz Murá guitar and vocals

The carioca Luiz Morá is one of the great artists of the new generations of the highly dynamic Brazilian popular music scene. His voice, his approach, has charmed legendary Brazilian musicians such as Maria Gadú, who included a Murá song on a DVD recorded live in 2010. As well as this famous singer, artists of different styles and countries, of the calibre of Ubaldo Versolato, Luiz Guello, Sylvinho Mazzuca, Sebastian Notini, Niclas Höglind, Kristoffer Johanson, Faela, Ricardo Vogt, Hugo Coroñel and Gustav Lundgren have also required Murá’s collaboration on their projects. The secret? A vision of bossa nova, and Brazilian music in general, focusing on renewal based on originality, respect for roots and, above all, fusion with other cultures in the world. This is not surprising. Luiz Murá grew up in Rio de Janeiro in a multicultural family environment with roots in Peru, Portugal and even Japan – an overflow of influences that come across in his solo work which he will present at the Jamboree in the most stripped-down format possible: on his own with just his voice and a guitar. This is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly anticipated performances of the season.

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